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Why plastic gift cards From K12Print can heighten your business.

K12Print is a leading e-commerce online store where you can get everything starting from gift cards, plastic business cards, printed marketing tools, ID badges, lanyards, and various products, which are required in businesses and other industries.

Our custom plastic gift cards are popular amongst many clients who use them in different sectors to encourage repeating visits, attract fresh buyers, and retain customers. We offer you a wide range of options to select the perfect gift card for your business and improve its profitability.

The gift cards designed by our manufacturers are made from high-quality synthetic plastic and non-toxic materials. You can also stand out from competitors and encourage the sense of impulse buying or up-selling to your customers using our best-designed plastic printed gift cards at


Unique about gift cards made from synthetic plastic?

Custom printed synthetic plastic material is not just limited to use as gift cards, discount cards, or business cards, but there are a variety of uses of this durable product. Due to their hard-to-break and water-resistant features, printed plastic products are the top choices for marketing campaigns, identification passes, and access cards to interact with card reading machines and attract new clients for businesses.

The information printed on paper cards doesn’t last long and can be damaged during the years of use. You can easily resolve this limitation by choosing synthetic plastic gift cards, which offer a more strong and tangible tool along with customization and personalization options.

Reputed agencies like K12Print maintain the privacy of your printed synthetic plastic products when you place your order for gift cards. Plastic gift cards are manufactured using advanced printing machines and in a secure environment to maintain durability, quality, and confidentiality.                                      


How plastic printed gift cards can elevate marketing and business campaigns?

Almost every business and industrial sector is implementing plastic cards as technological advancement in their workplaces and premises to ensure a more digitalized and secure environment. With every process getting automated nowadays, the use of cards with barcodes and stripes are growing in numbers to protect businesses from unauthorized intruders.

Many shopping malls, retailers, gyms, hotels, and hospitality businesses prefer to distribute custom gift cards or plastic passes to their clients to allow them to access certain services without much delay. This can include paying bills, checking in or check out, applying loyalty points, activating discount codes, and many more purposes.

Gift cards enabled with special chips are more convenient for businesses to track the events going on within their premises and outside as well. Synthetic plastic cards in form of gift cards or ID cards are included by many companies as marketing tools for increasing brand awareness and motivate others to join them.

For advertising brands and promoting business, synthetic plastic gift cards from K12Print offer a whole new trend to bring in more customers. Many companies invest in well-designed gift cards and send them to their clients as tokens or offers during special events or festive occasions. 


Reasons to print plastic gift card at

Plastic cards can make their place in people’s everyday lives, rather than ending up in drawers or closets like paper gift cards. Keeping this vital aspect into consideration, our designers offer plastic gift cards that can grab people’s attention and motivate for longer retention.

If you want to transform your business by including gift cards with outstanding quality, bar codes, or magnetic stripes, avail of the best offers at our All our printed products and marketing items are made from high-grade synthetic plastic with exceptional designs and features.

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