Plastic Card Accessories: a Quick Guide to Help You Not Miss the Important Items.


When you think about plastic cards, what comes to your mind first? The rectangular credit or debit card lying in your wallet, right? Or, is it your ID card hanging around your neck? No matter what card comes to your mind first, it is a plastic card. Plastic cards are a personalized tool that can be used in several ways. From withdrawing money to accessing a high-security place, a number of things can be done via plastic cards.

One such popular variety of plastic cards is ID cards or badges. ID cards and badges are super crucial and reliable when it comes to identification, reliability, and accessibility. In other words, ID cards can serve vital functions, and we may depend on them a lot to make our way through important parts of each day. When you issue ID cards to your employees, you must provide them with the entire ID card system. In other words, you need to give the card accessories with the  ID card you issue to your employees. Let's look at some card accessories that you should think about adding to your cart. 

A Few of the Plastic Card Accessories That You Cannot Forget About:

  • Badge Holders

Badge holders are more convenient to use and add protection to the badges. Also, these holders are specially designed to display your badges easily and securely. Other than that, they provide protection and durability to prolong the lives of the badges. With pre-punched slot and chain holes, you can take full advantage of the right holder for your badges. After all, you can then easily attach clips, lanyards, or reels to it. Also, with pre-punched slot and chain holes, you do not have to punch in the slot, and thus, it lowers the chances of you damaging the holder. Moreover, badge holders are available in several different designs and styles. Whether you want a vertical design or a horizontal one, you can find every type of holder. Other than their orientation, you will find several color and rigidity options for your plastic cards.

  • Badge Reels

Retractable ID badge reels can be clipped to your scrubs, pocket, belt, or lanyard easily. They are super handy and compact. Oftentimes, they come with features like belt clips, rotating clips, and long cord lengths to provide flexibility. Some notable features are their hassle-free presentation and swiping it in any direction with just a quick pull. Furthermore, you can have them in any design and color you want.

  • Lanyards

Usually, lanyards are really the most convenient option when it comes to ID cards. With a clip attached to your ID cards, lanyards can slip into your neck and stay there as long as you do not take them off. Moreover, lanyards are a simple strap and retraction element. Another notable advantage of using lanyards is that they are super adjustable. The user can adjust them as per the need so that they do not get in their way of working. Furthermore, they are available in many colors and models. So, you can easily use them to promote your company or any event.

The Bottom Line

Overall, plastic card accessories are an important part of the whole card system. So, if you want to buy badge holders, lanyards, or badge reels, you can get in touch with us - K12Print. At, K12Print, we offer several services related to plastic cards that you may need. From plastic card printing to card accessories of the ultimate quality, we provide every card solution here. So, reach out to us to grab the best products today!

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ID Badge Holder

Custom Badge Reel Style A

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Clear Vinyl Badge Holders

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Black Aluminum Card Holder

Gold Aluminum Card Holder

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Aluminum ID Badge Holder

Silver Aluminum Card Holder

Flat Nylon Lanyards

  • J-hook connector.
  • Logo's printed on one or both sides.
  • Different colors to choose from.


Round Lanyards