Our Mission

At K12Print, character counts…in our people and in our products. We believe creating high-quality marketing products while providing high-quality educational tools are equally essential for achieving success in business and in life.

A major key to our success at K12Print, in addition to designing and delivering the most competitively priced and effective advertising tools, is our continuing commitment to the development of our staff. As we do with every marketing tool manufactured at K12Print, we place a high priority on quality in both our products and in the people who create them.

K12Print is committed to helping your business grow, as well as helping underserved students find inspiration and hope through education. By developing the positive attributes necessary to create success for your business, we are, in turn, creating an environment of success for students who would otherwise be at an educational disadvantage. With success comes Value!

Quality Products for Quality People

Trustworthiness, Respect, Responsibility, Fairness, Caring and Citizenship – the six pillars of character whether in business or people – run parallel on the highway of success. The quality of our products and our dedication to customer service are direct results of our commitment to those values.
To that end, K12Print provides manufacturing jobs where they’re needed most…in underserved communities where creating successful individuals is a key factor for creating business success!

This approach to business, known within K12Print as the ‘Earn and Learn’ philosophy, enables us to pledge a percentage of every dollar earned on our cost-effective products and services directly into a classroom setting. As a result of our commitment to education, we are able to provide 21st-century Interactive Touch Technology to students of all ages, backgrounds, and educational levels.

Learning Helps Us All

At K12Print, engaging with customers to ensure accurate and timely delivery of business-changing marketing tools, is an expertise honed by experience and perfected by attention to detail. We have learned the importance of asking the right questions, and following through with the right actions.

In classrooms everywhere, educators struggle constantly with the issue of how to best engage their students in a manner that fosters interest, motivation, and inspiration. Interactive Technology provides teachers with a potent and effective tool for attracting and keeping the attention of their students.

K12Print is honored to be your marketing provider of choice, and proud to be a contributor to the educational transformation and value of so many!

John Didonato