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How Plastic Postcard Mailers At K12Print.Com Can Improve Marketing Experience is an incredible destination for top-quality direct mail marketing tools, direct mail plastic cards, key tags, door hangers, and many other products essential for businesses, offices, and various campaigns in different industries.

Custom plastic postcard mailers are one of the best tools that are utilized for direct mail marketing in business. They are manufactured using high-quality materials along with unique, vibrant colors and designs, which offers outstanding brand exposure for brands and companies.

If you order your plastic postcard mailer from, our advanced printing technology and gloss or matt finishes can make it stand out in your client’s mailbox and grab their attention. Our postcard mailers can offer a novel and unique way to convey your message to them.

Why Plastic Postcard Mailer?

Direct mail marketing is not a new phenomenon for businesses and helps them leave a much better impact on their clients by combining uniquely designed plastic postcards along with it. Postcard mailers made from plastic offer a more durable and tangible piece of promotional tools, which companies can send to their client’s houses through direct mails or courier services.

As far as durability is concerned, every plastic postcard mailer is given a high-gloss laminate or matt finish during the manufacturing process. This lamination helps the plastic postcard to withstand harsh conditions and resistant to wears and tears that can occur during processing the mailer through postal equipment.

The printing technology used for PVC postcard mailers can print high-quality graphics and texts, which makes the message more readable and visible to the customers. These postcards are made from high-grade plastics that are resistant to abrasion, chemicals, detergents, liquid damages, and UV light. Hence, these plastic mailers are perfect tools for client acquisition mailings and various marketing campaigns run by businesses.

What Makes Plastic Postcards & Direct Mailers Best for Businesses?

Below are a few top benefits of plastic postcard mailers because of which they are quite preferred by businesses in their advertising as well as marketing strategies.

Response Rate

Plastic mailers have a proven track record to improve the response rate from customers who receive them for different reasons and purposes. If compared to traditional mails, direct postcard mailers have the potential to double the impact they can have on the target audience. This makes them an ideal choice for many companies, brands, and leading businesses to use them in their marketing campaigns and client acquisition programs.


Made of high-quality plastics, PVC postcards offer the same thickness as that of standard credit cards. Their over-laminate finish makes these mailers both durable and attractive, which can arrive at your client’s destination through the mailing system in pristine condition. Therefore, plastic mailers and postcards allow businesses to market their products or messages through a secure mailing system.

Time & Cost Saving

Plastic postcard mailer offers a great opportunity to companies for sending their marketing and advertising messages directly to the customers without investing much time and money on individual postage rate.

Benefits of Plastic Postcard Mailer from K12Print

At, our top-notch designers and manufacturers can provide unique plastic postcards and printed products for direct mail plastic cards marketing as per the requirements of your business.

We offer postcard mailer products that are made from eco-friendly premium grade Teslin paper. You can customize various features for your plastic postcard by including options for a signature panel, variable data, scratch-off, hole/slot, and even provide custom artwork to design the mailer.


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